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Membership List and Application

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  • Membership Application

  • A

    Arsenault, Marianne & Vince
    39 Wellington Street, Beaverton, ON L0K 1A0
    Tel: (705) 426-5247
    Fax (705) 426-5237
    E-MAIL: arsenault5247@rogers.com
    (Zone: 5)

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    Brachfeld, Myra
    E-MAIL: mazella@sympatico.ca
    (Zone: 7)

    Brooks, Brenda (Breeder, Kennel Name: KEESBROOK Reg.)
    203 Lavallee Road
    Renfrew, ON, K7V 3Z4
    Tel: (613) 432-4444
    E-MAIL: keesbrook@sympatico.ca
    (Zone: 5)

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    Colebeck, Christine (Breeder, Kennel Name: CHERRY CREEK)
    799 Spitfire Street
    Woodstock, ON N4T 0A9
    Tel: (519) 532-5702
    E-MAIL: girl@rogers.com
    (Zone: 6)

    Coulson, Susan, Donna & Andrew Hiderman
    E-MAIL: littleangelsrenfrew@gmail.com
    (Zone: 5)

    Couture, Johanne & Yves Dumont (Breeder, Kennel Name: POMS D'API)
    8180 rue de Voisinage
    Quebec, QC, G2K 1S6
    Tel: (818) 627-1607
    E-MAIL: pomsdapo@videotron.ca
    (Zone: QC)

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    Davis, Annelies (Breeder, Kennel Name: BONSAI Reg.)
    72 Bellevue Ave.
    Simcoe, ON, N3Y 4B8
    Tel: (905) 920-0330
    E-MAIL: bonsai_reg@hotmail.com
    (Zone: 7)

    Deschamps, Rick & Helen
    6820 Riverview Drive
    Cornwall, ON
    K6H 7M1
    Tel: (613) 703-9345
    E-MAIL: richarddesc@gmail.com
    (Zone: 5)

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    Gibson, Brenda & Bob (Kennel Name: POMAMANIA Reg'd, Tattoo: P9V)
    10767 Kirker Road, R.R. # 1
    Brinston, ON K0E 1C0
    Tel: (613) 652-1971
    E-MAIL: pomamania@gmail.com
    (Zone: 5)

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    Landry, Jane Louise V. (Breeder, Kennel Name: PIETTERPATE Reg'd)
    30 Centre Street, PO Box 36
    Conn, ON N0G 1N0
    Home: (519) 323-1314
    Cell: (519) 323-7810
    E-MAIL: pietterpate@yahoo.ca
    (Zone: 6)

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    Malott, Roberta (Breeder, Kennel Name: PONDSIDE Reg'd, Tattoo: G9B)
    4064 Schnupp Road
    Bourget, ON K0A 1E0
    Tel: (613) 487-9689
    E-MAIL: roberta.malott@gmail.com
    (Zone: 5)

    Maltby, Judy
    195 Bay Street
    Woodstock, ON. N4S 8H7
    Tel: (226) 271-5371
    E-MAIL: hottieblondie_1@hotmail.com
    (Zone: 6)

    Maydan, Michael & Jan
    PO Box 905, 197 Ottawa Street
    Almonte, ON. K0A 1A0
    Tel: (613) 256-7695
    E-MAIL: jan.maydan@sympatico.ca
    E-MAIL: mmaydan@sympatico.ca
    (Zone: 5)

    McCarthy, Walter and LaVerne (Breeder, Kennel Name: SON SHINE Reg'd)
    72231 Ausable Line, RR #2
    Hensall, ON. N0M 1X0
    Tel: (519) 236-4571
    E-MAIL: laverne@hay.net
    (Zone: 6)

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    Quiroga, Gustavo & Lucas Oliviera
    70 Dunfield Avenue, #510
    Toronto, ON M4S 3A4
    Tel: (647) 894-6699
    E-MAIL: gus2007@hotmail.com
    (Zone: 7)

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    Smith, Lana & Winston Young(Breeder, Kennel Name: LION D'OR Reg'd)
    Ottawa, ON
    Tel: (613) 608-3468
    E-MAIL: lanaleesmith@hotmail.com
    (Zone: 5)

    Smith, Rita & Earl(Breeder, Kennel Name: BARITA Reg'd)
    RR 1, Box 4
    Iron Bridge, ON P0R 1H0
    Tel: (705) 843-2584
    E-MAIL: baritakennels@sympatico.ca
    (Zone: 4)

    Surtees, Christine & Larry (Breeder, Kennel Name: POMKEES Reg'd, Tattoo: CNT)
    R.R. #4
    Almonte, ON K0A 1A0
    Tel: (613) 256-2019
    Fax: (613) 256-1655
    E-MAIL: pomkees.151@gmail.com
    (Zone: 5)

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    Woolley, Lynda (Breeder, Kennel Name: POMYWOOD Reg'd)
    15316 Mount Wolfe Road
    Caledon, ON L7E 3N7
    Tel: (905) 880-8698
    E-MAIL: lwoolley@sympatico.ca
    (Zone: 7)

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