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The Pomeranian Club of Ontario Board

PRESIDENT - Brenda Brooks
Renfrew, ON, K7V 3Z4
Tel: (613) 432-4444
E-mail: keesbrook@sympatico.ca

VICE-PRESIDENT - Jane Louise V. Landry
Conn, Ontario N0G 1N0
Tel: 519-323-1314
E-mail: jane.landry@yahoo.ca

SECRETARY - Christine Surtees
Almonte, ON. K0A 1A0
Tel: (613) 256-2019
E-mail: pomkees151@gmail.com

TREASURER - Roberta Malott
Bourget, Ontario K0A 1E0
(613) 487-9680
E-mail: roberta.malott@gmail.com


Rita Smith, Ontario North (Zone 4)
Iron Bridge, ON. P0R 1H0
E-mail: baritakennels@sympatico.ca

Bob Gibson, Ontario East (Zone 5)
Brinston, ON. K0E 1C0
E-mail: brendaorbob@gmail.com

Christine Colebeck, Ontario West (Zone 6)
Woodstock, ON, N4T 0A9
E-mail: girl@rogers.com

Myra Brachfeld, Ontario Central (Zone 7)
Toronto, ON M6P 1Z2
E-mail: mazelle@sympatico.ca

NEWSLETTER - Christine Surtees
MEMBERSHIP - Christine Surtees

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